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Radio Thunder UK Closing Down 2019 Thank you SHADOWQUEST Gallows Of Eden 22 Jan 2020

ShadowQuest - Gallows Of Eden

Release: 27 Jan 2020

1. The Avenger

2. Titans of War

3. Gallows of Eden

4. Guardian of Heaven

5. Armageddon

6. Dr Midnight

7. Reborn

8. Into the Unknown

9. Caught in a Flame

10. The Kinsmen Awaits

11. I Want Out

MYSTIC PROPHECY Metal Division 10 Jan


Release: 10 Jan 2020 UK

1. Metal Division

2. Eye To Eye

3. Hail To The King

4. Here Comes The Winter

5. Curse Of The Slayer

6. Dracula

7. Together We Fall

8. Die With The Hammer

9. Reincarnation

10. Mirror Of A Broken Heart

11. Victory Is Mine